Dora Tarango Gonzales

Dora Tarango Gonzales was born on August 18, 1928, the 7th child of Casimiro Tarango and Herminia Rios. Her brothers and sisters include: Ezekiel, Martin, Ysidro, Reynaldo, Robert, Fortino, Lilia, Cruz, Manuelito, and Florence.

Dora grew up in the Safford area with Grandma Monica. Her great friend and roommate was her Aunt Virgie. They were so inseparable many thought they were sisters.

On May 10, 1952, she married Jesus Gonzales. They made their home in Morenci while “Chuy” worked for Phelps Dodge. Three children were born to Dora and Chuy; Ralph, married to Carole, Raymond, and Ronald, married to Michelle. One child was lost by miscarriage.

In 1978, the family moved to Safford and purchased a house on 9th Street. This was Dora and Chuy’s home for the rest of their lives. They welcomed anyone and everyone who came to their doorstep with love and open arms. During their years in Safford, they also took in family members who needed or wanted a place to stay, something Dora especially loved to do.

During the Tom Landry years, Dora was a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys along with her niece, Connie, and now Gideon. She would always cheer for them, even though she didn’t know a lot about the game itself. When she would be cooking in the kitchen and the Cowboys came on, she would slip out to watch her team, and especially Tom Landry.

In early 1975, both Dora and Chuy were born again, having asked Christ for the forgiveness of their sins, they surrendered their lives to Him. It was in so many ways a life-changing experience for both of them and for their family. For years Dora would get up in the morning, get her coffee and sit down to read her Bible and Daily Bread, and to pray. She loved her Savior and loved to attend church. In her later years, she was unable to attend church, but her love for God never diminished.

In her last years, Dora was mostly homebound, leaving the house mainly for doctor visits. Ralph, Susan, her daughter Michelle, Mark and Bethany were all so helpful in giving Dora her medications every day as well as when needed at other times. Thank you so much.
Grandchildren born to Dora and Chuy are: Jason, Kris, Joshua and Bethany, married to Mark Cavanaugh. Great grandchildren are: Harlee, Gideon, Nehemiah, James, and Kaleb. Grandchildren by marriage include: Nicole, Aaron, Emily and Jackie. There’s also one great grandchild by marriage, Elijah.

Dora was preceded in death by: her sister, Felipa in 1950; and brothers, Zeke, Martin, Ysidro, Reynaldo, Robert, Fortino, and Manuelito.

Surviving siblings are: Lilia, Florence, and Cruz.

Dora’s greatest hope and joy was that she would one day find herself in the presence of her Savior, Jesus Christ. She understood what the Bible teaches that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. This is a belief she always held on to firmly in her faith. She is home now, and is enjoying all the wonders and glories of heaven including her mansion prepared just for her. Dora passed June 5, 2017, at the age of 88.

Funeral services for Dora will be conducted Friday, June 9, 2017, at 10:00 a.m., at the Desert Springs Community Fellowship by Dora’s son, Pastor Ronald Gonzales. Concluding services will follow in the Safford Cemetery. Arrangements are entrusted to Vining Funeral Home.