Domestic disturbance turns into weapons arrest

SAFFORD — A man who reportedly argued repeatedly with his significant other and then said he couldn’t live without her is in custody on weapons charges.

Safford Police were called to an apartment complex on West Court Street following an anonymous tip that a man was holding his ex-girlfriend and their child at gunpoint.

When they arrived, they saw a man walking toward a vehicle. Officers, with weapons drawn, advised the man, identified as Robert Smallwood, to stop. When he did so, officers heard something heavy fall to the ground. One of the officers identified the item as a gun and Smallwood was immedyaely placed face-down on the ground as officers attempted to handcuff him.

Smallwood reportedly resisted being handcuffed and called out, drawing neighbors and onlookers to come close, prompting a warning by officers to back away.

Once Smallwood was restrained, he was searched and officers reportedly found a marijuana pipe and straw. Smallwood reportedly admitted to owning the pipe but denied ownership of the straw and handgun.

Smallwood’s ex-girlfriend reportedly told officers the two had been arguing and she left the apartment, leaving children in Smallwood’s care. When she returned, she said she found Smallwood holding their 1-year-old . She then said Smallwood held the pistol under his own chin, threatening suicide, because, she said, he said he couldn’t live without her. She said she left again and told a neighbor what was happening, which is where the anonymous tip is believed to have come from.

Smallwood was taken to Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center for an examination before being booked into Graham County Jail on charges of domestic violence and being a prohibited possessor of a firearm.