Daughter arrested after allegedly punching her mother

Safford police officers were dispatched to the area of 4th Street, on July 2nd, in reference to a daughter who allegedly punched her mother during an argument. A third-party caller contacted dispatch, at around noon, to report the incident and said that the daughter then left the residence on foot.

The first officer arrived at the scene and was able to locate the female suspect. A check with dispatch found that the daughter had a confirmed warrant for her arrest. The daughter was arrested, placed in a patrol vehicle and read her Miranda Rights.

The officers asked the daughter what happened. She stated that she thinks her mother is crazy. According to the daughter, the incident started when her mother would not let her go to church. She claimed that they started arguing and the mother placed her hands over the daughter’s throat and started choking her. The daughter did not have any red marks on her neck and did not have any visible injuries.

The mother was apparently somewhat reluctant to tell her side of the story, but told authorities that the altercation started in the car. The daughter allegedly started punching herself. She told authorities that she didn’t want them to take her daughter to jail. The mother had dried blood on her hand in nose, which apparently confirmed that the daughter had assaulted her.

The daughter was booked on Assault/Domestic Violence against her mother and on the outstanding warrant.