Couple arrested after spat about infidelities

A woman called authorities on Sunday and said that her husband would not let her leave their home and had broken the window to her jeep. When authorities arrived the couple was outside the residence. The woman who placed the call said that she had overheard a conversation her husband had with a friend that led her to believe he was cheating on her. When she confronted him about the conversation, she said he got mad and accused her of cheating.

The argument apparently turned physical as tensions heated up with each party reportedly throwing objects. The wife reportedly threw a glass cup at her husband’s shop, which resulted in a mirror falling and breaking. The husband then threw several items at his wife’s jeep, which resulted in substantial damage to the windshield. The husband allegedly slapped his wife and pushed her down onto a couch inside the residence. He denied slapping her but admitted to pushing her down, because he felt she was getting in his face. The deputy at the scene noted that the woman’s left cheek was red.

The husband was arrested for Assault, Criminal Damage and Disorderly Conduct. The wife was booked for Criminal Damage and Disorderly Conduct.