2nd half of 2023 property taxes are due

Cindi Orr, Graham County Treasurer, reminds property owners that the second half of 2023 property taxes are due and payable now.  The last day to pay without interest is Monday, May 1st.  Interest will be added at a rate of 16% per year on all unpaid taxes.

Property taxes may be paid several ways:

  1. At the Treasurer’s Office located in the General Services Building at 921 Thatcher Blvd in Safford.

Office hours are Monday – Thursday, 7AM – 6PM.

  • By mail to P.O. Box 747, Safford AZ 85548.
  • Online at www.graham.az.gov.
  • Drop box located in the East parking lot at the General Services Building.

The Treasurer’s Office accepts cash, checks, or credit and debit payments in the office as well as online.  There is a convenience fee for credit and debit transactions.

Property tax amounts are available by using the tax search online at www.graham.az.gov. For any inquiries regarding taxes, please call 928-428-3440 or send e-mail to: treasurer@graham.az.gov