Clifton Council Corner

Clifton Council Corner

Column by Clifton Mayor Felix Callicotte

Clifton Town Council Commitment

Your town council’s ongoing commitment is to reach out to the citizens of Clifton. We often receive inquiries from residents that are commonly asked “why don’t you blankety-blank?” The “you” typically refers to the town council or the town of Clifton. The Clifton Town Council is the representative body that has been elected to represent you and our community at large. We do this by listening to Clifton’s residents, researching trends and formulating policies and ordinances that will improve the town making it both business and resident friendly.

The input from residents and other sources ranges from town manager contacts, phone calls, letters, email and voiced comments taking into account any legitimate propositions or suggestions received. From there, the ideas/concerns move to the town manager, who weighs the viability of the idea or the validity of concern and advises the council on his recommendation(s), formulating solutions where appropriate. Recommended proposals will be taken under consideration at monthly town council meetings and decisions will be made on which issues that will be pursued and/or implemented. All town council meetings are open to the public with the goal of serving the will of the people. So consider attending a meeting, both the town and you will reap the benefits.

 Goals of the mayor and town council

As your mayor and council members, we look forward to working with the town’s administrative staff, department heads and all town employees to provide you, our residents, with the highest quality of services.

We will be asking for your support and input as to what your vision of the town of Clifton should be. As a community, we have many challenges ahead of us, and with your support, guidance and input, we can meet those challenges. We are committed to working with our department heads and committees that include citizens who have volunteered their time and energy in serving our community. As we all work together as a community, we can be proud to call Clifton our home.

Together we can work to enhance what we have been given from those who have preceded us in the governing of Clifton, and leave a legacy for those who will come after us.

Goal 1: Govern with quality, responsiveness and efficiency and continue to work with the town manager to develop a style and system of leadership that will ensure the effective provision of services while supporting the delivery of the council’s goals and objectives.

Goal 2: Focus on economic development for a balanced and stable future making Clifton a better place to live, work, learn and play; a more diverse community and a more sustainable community.

Goal 3: Maintain and improve community facilities and services sustaining Clifton’s unique spirit and sense of community; provide a safe and secure community and support and enhance the quality of life for all our residents.

Goal 4: Set course for a stable financial future diversifying revenue sources consistent with town values to identify and pursue internal operating efficiencies and develop a strategic financial plan for maintaining Clifton’s future.

Goal 5: Eliminate apathy and the “I don’t know and I don’t care” attitudes.

Crime Prevention Watch:

Call The Clifton Police Department or the Greenlee County Sheriff’s Office to report a crime or any suspicious activity at the following telephone numbers:

Clifton Police Department: Emergency 911, 928-865-4145 or 928-865-4566

Greenlee County Sheriff’s Office: Emergency 911, or 928-865-4149

You can be the eyes of your neighborhood and remember, you can always remain anonymous.

The Clifton Council Corneris a place designed to keep the people in the town of Clifton informed and up to date on current affairs. We will address concerns in the community; discuss future projects and present ideas for improvement. We appreciate your responses to this column and are pleased by the many who have commented on their thoughts and issues. We cannot resolve an issue if we are unaware of it. We are continually looking for ways to help the town of Clifton run more efficiently, and this column will hopefully help you become involved.