Chris Taylor facing domestic violence and aggravated assault charges following overdose incident

The police report of Chris Taylor’s alleged overdose incident details a grim encounter with police and emergency medical personnel. According to the report, Taylor’s wife called 911 on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, reporting that her husband was throwing up, bleeding and had shallow breathing. The emergency medical team that first arrived at the scene included an off-duty police officer who was working as an EMT. Upon arrival they immediately called for law enforcement assistance.

When the ambulance arrived, the off-duty officer saw a woman come running out of the house holding an infant in her arms. He recognized the woman as Chris Taylor’s wife. She appeared frantic and cried out for help. The off-duty officer reported that he then saw Christ Taylor stumble into the doorway. Taylor appeared extremely pale, with a flushed face. He looked right at the off-duty officer and ambulance crew, then grabbed his wife and pulled her back into the house, while she screamed, “Chris, don’t!”

Taylor reportedly pulled his wife as far as the threshold, when she began trying to fight him off. Taylor managed to pull her back into the house and slam the door. She managed to open the door slightly and yelled, “Help me!” She could be heard crying and begging Taylor stop.

Fearing for her safety, off-duty police officer, ran to the front door and forced it open. Taylor and his wife were reportedly just inside the door, fighting. The off-duty officer stepped in between them and forced Taylor up against the wall behind the door. Taylor staggered, regained his balance then began swinging at the off-duty officer with closed fists. The officer grabbed Taylor by the neck and arm and forced him to the floor. Once on the floor the off-duty officer gained control of Taylor using arm hooks around his arms and legs. During the altercation the officer identified himself and kept telling Taylor that he was okay and safe. The off-duty officer noted that he suspected that Taylor’s behavior was being driven by narcotics.

The off-duty officer maintained full back control of Taylor and kept him subdued until another officer arrived and placed him in handcuffs. Once Taylor was subdued by handcuffs and other officers, Taylor was administered a sedative for his safety as well as those around him. He was then restrained to a stretcher and transported to the Emergency Room for treatment.

Taylor’s wife told police that she had been in the front room nursing their baby, when she heard a thud in the bathroom. She looked under the door and could see Taylor throwing up and seizing. The door was locked so she forced it open and began performing CPR. Taylor came to and became combative. He tried shoving her away and broke a small plastic stool in the bathroom during the struggle. He ran out of the bathroom and briefly into the master bedroom. When heard his wife on the phone with 911, he approached her saying, “Shh, shh!” She told the officer that Taylor was very pale and she didn’t think he was coherent.

She said that she had caught Taylor doing drugs a year ago. After Christmas, she noticed that some finances were missing, so she put up a hidden camera in the bathroom and ultimately caught Taylor on video using drugs in the bathroom. She gave police a USB drive that contained the video.

She asked police to go through several of Taylor’s bags and look for drug paraphernalia. She handed the officer a black tactical bag and said that the video showed Taylor keeping drugs in the bag. The officer searched it but did not find any illegal items. The officer was then asked to search through the top dresser drawer, which was described as “Chris’s junk drawer.” The officer found an Oakley’s sunglasses case. Inside the case was a contact’s box that contained a sticky brown tar substance that turned out to be heroin. While searching the home for drugs, the officer noticed a number of firearms and ammunition in the house. The firearms and ammunition were removed from the house with permission. Taylor’s wife said that she didn’t want him to come back to the house.

When authorities were able to speak with Taylor at the hospital, he said that the last thing he remembered was shooting up in the bathroom and seizing. He asked what happened after that. The officer told him what happened with EMTs and law enforcement arrived. Taylor stated that he had been having a hard time with things and had relapsed a while ago. He told the officer that he wanted to get help. Authorities provided information for rehabilitation, which Taylor said he would seek when he was released from the hospital.