By not using turn signal, man gets caught with DUI

SAFFORD – An officer was on patrol early Saturday morning, around 2:15 am when the truck in front of the officer at the intersection of 8th Street and 1st Avenue made a turn onto 1st Avenue without using any turn signal. The officer activated their emergency lights and followed the truck as it continued to 11th Street and then pulled over.

The officer contacted the driver and asked if his turn signals were working, and he said that they were. The officer informed the driver that he had not used them, and the driver apologized. The officer noticed the driver had a freshly lit cigarette in his mouth and was blowing out a lot of smoke. Through the smoke the officer could smell an alcoholic type beverage coming from inside the truck. The driver provided the officer with his license, identifying  himself as Branden Harrison along with his registration but not the insurance paperwork. When Harrison was asked how much he had to drink that night he stated, about 4 beers and that he was probably at an intoxication level of 1.5. Harrison stated he had just left a local bar and his last drink was about an hour and a half ago.  After performing several tests with the officer and his breath test showing a result of  .107%, Harrison was arrested for DUI. His female passenger called a relative for a ride and to drive the truck from the scene.

The officer transported Harrison to the Safford Police Department for a blood draw and afterwards Harrison was given a ride to a residence of his request.