Burglaries on the rise

Monday, October 22, 2018

Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a burglary on Lonestar Road. The reporting party said that somebody had broken in through the garage door. The door had been battered open to gain entry to the house. The homeowner reported that the home is rented out occasionally but had been vacant for a while.

The homeowner walked the deputy through the house, showing him that somebody had gone through all the closets, cupboards and storage containers. Some of the contents had been removed and left on the floor. The homeowner stated that it didn’t appear that anything was missing.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Emory Road in reference to a burglary. The homeowner reported that her home had been burglarized while she was at work. She told authorities that she didn’t get home until close to 9:00 P.M. that day. The front door was still locked when she arrived home, but when she opened the door, she noticed that a light was on that is normally off. She then noticed that all of the bedroom and bathroom doors were open, which were closed when she left for work.

The woman checked the rest of the house and found that all the drawers and closets were open as well and that some paperwork she had on the dresser had been scattered over the beds. The woman was not sure what, if anything had been taken. A sliding glass door at the back of the house was the likely entry point. It was closed but not locked.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Safford Police Officer was dispatched to a residence on 23rd Street, at around 4:16pm in reference to a burglary. When the Officer arrived, he spoke to the woman who stated that she had left her house with the intention of coming back home quickly so she left her house unlocked.

She got stuck at work and said her daughter-in-law had come to her house at around noon and everything was still there. When the woman got home at around 4:00pm, she found that the T.V. in the living room was gone and her son’s room had been ransacked.

She told authorities that she does have surveillance cameras in her home but whoever came into her house disabled them. The woman said that her son might possibly be able to retrieve images from the camera system.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Deputies were dispatched to another residence on Emory Road in reference to a report of burglary. Authorities met with the reporting party who is a neighbor of the victim. The man told authorities that his neighbor was out of town, and that somebody had recently broke into the home through a bathroom window. The man said that last May or June he caught someone trying to break into the home through the same bathroom window. The man stated that he had found another window that was unlocked and easily opened.

A wooden planter had been overturned under the bathroom window and was apparently used to access the broken window. A candle was found on the ground near the over-turned planter.

The man made contact with the homeowner who gave permission to go inside and see if anything was missing. According to the police report, most of the drawers in the bedrooms were open. A TV in the living room was missing.

The deputy found fingerprints on the broken glass from the bathroom window. The glass was entered into evidence.


A bar owner in Solomon reported that someone had broken in and stolen a large amount of liquor. The bar had reportedly been closed for renovations. The owners came on Sunday and found that the door had been kicked in and approximately 12 bottles of liquor were missing. A broken bottle of alcohol was found behind the bar and two bottles were found outside a little distance from the bar. One bottle was empty and the other was almost full. The bottles were collected for evidence. A trail of shoe prints leaving the bar were left behind due to the person stepping in the liquor from the broken bottle that was found behind the bar.

After investigating the burglary at the bar, the deputy was dispatched to a nearby residence to investigate a possible dispute between a man and his adult son. The reporting party said that his son might be the one who burglarized the bar, and might be suicidal.

Upon arrival the deputy met with the son who admitted that he had broken into the bar. However, the man couldn’t remember a lot about the incident because he was apparently intoxicated at the time. He didn’t remember when he broke into the bar or what he had done with the liquor. The man was, however, cooperative with the investigation and allowed the deputy to look in the trash can and his backyard. The pattern on the man’s shoes matched the prints left behind at the bar. No bottles were found but pieces of glass were found by a gate at the man’s residence.

Due to health concerns for the man, he was taken to Mount Graham Regional Medical Center for evaluation. The case was referred to the County Attorney’s office for possible charges.