Bull Pen Bartender credited with keeping everybody safe during shooting

My staff did everything they were supposed to do in this situation
– Sara Henderson

The bartender at the Bull Pen took quick action early Monday morning – possibly preventing injuries – when a gunman, identified as Asa Derek Tsosie, fired shots into the bar as it was closing at about 2:00 AM Monday morning.

Tsosie apparently entered the Bull Pen earlier that evening and sat at the bar. After the bartender served him, he moved to the other end of the bar to talk to a group of people who were gathered there. Tsosie seemed to become somewhat agitated while talking to one of the people in his native language.

Another member of the group invited Tsosie to play pool and took him away from the group. While playing pool, Tsosie reportedly started getting agitated again and became verbally aggressive to one people at the pool table.

By that time the bar was closing down. In addition to Tsosie, there were six patrons waiting for rides home. The bartender told Tsosie that the bar was closing and it was time to go home. When she told him a second time, another patron approached him and walked him to the door, telling him that the bar was closing and it was time to leave. Tsosie resisted and said that he didn’t want to leave, but the man told him that the bartender said that it was time for him to go.

Tsosie then turned and walked out the side door to the parking lot without further argument. The bartender locked the door behind him. A few minutes later, two shots rang out and the bartender rushed everybody to the back of the bar to safety.

Tsosie had apparently gotten in his vehicle and driven around to the front door. Video surveillance showed him approached the door and hesitate for a moment, before firing at the door. The door window shattered and Tsosie entered the now empty bar and fired randomly around the room before leaving.

“You can see him pull out of the parking lot, stop at the building and come up to the door and start shooting,” bar owner, Sara Henderson told GilaValleyCentral. “It’s not like there was an obvious argument or anything. He didn’t put up a fight when he was asked to leave. He even gave the bartender a ten dollar tip.”

Henderson says that they’re replacing the door with a more secure door with safety glass so that if anybody ever tries to shoot through it again, everybody can get to safety before the shooter gets in.

Henderson said that her staff handled the situation well. Their quick action prevented any possible injuries.

“My biggest concern is for my staff and my customers,” Henderson said. “The bar was damaged, but it’s all fixable.”

We want people to know that we’re doing everything to make it safe in every way possible. We have new camera systems, we have bouncers, we’re doing everything we can to shut down problems before they start.”

Henderson says they’re cleaning up and keeping the bar open.

As of this report, Asa Derek Tsosie remains at large.