Border Patrol Agents Discover Vehicle Accident While Training

TUCSON, Ariz. –Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents from the Special Operations Detachment discovered a vehicle rollover accident in a remote area Northeast of Tucson during a training operation that quickly turned into a rescue early this morning.

Agents from the Border Patrol Search Trauma and Rescue Team (BORSTAR) and Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) discovered a white van, which appeared to have rolled over sometime during the night, near mile marker 7 on the Reddington Pass road.

Agents found one occupant, a 28-year-old male, within the vehicle and immediately began medical care. After calling for more advanced medical care, agents also secured a landing zone for an air ambulance. The severely injured man was flown to a Tucson area hospital for further medical care. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the accident.

In the Tucson Sector’s harsh desert environment, Border Patrol security operations can quickly turn into humanitarian rescue operations. Border Patrol officials encourage anyone in distress, or witnessing others in distress to call 911 or activate a rescue beacon before a casualty occurs.