Booking Report August 1-7, 2016

Following is a listing of bookings from the Graham County Jail from July 25, 2016, through July 31, 2016. All information is from the jail’s booking roster. While the following have been incarcerated, each person is considered innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Abbreviations: SPD — Safford Police Department; TPD — Thatcher Police Department; PPD — Pima Police Department; GCSO—Graham County Sheriff’s Office; DPS — Department of Public Safety; GCPD — Graham County Probation Department; EACPD — Eastern Arizona College Police Department; SCPD — San Carlos Police Department.

August 1

Mark Perez, 25, trespassing, warrant, GCSO. Amanda Van Every, 33, commitment order, GCPD.

August 2

Jaime Sanchez, 26, driving on a suspended license, possession of drug paraphernalia, GCSO. Nicholas Arevalo, 25, warrant, GCSO. Peter McCormick, 41, warrants, SPD. Jason Morris, 35, commitment order, GCPD. John Rodriguez, 46, disorderly conduct, criminal damage, GCSO. Ray Castillo, 52, warrant, SPD. Jessica Sotelo, 39, warrant, DPS.

August 3

Sandra Alvarado, 29, probation violation, GCPD. Rueben Hales, 26, warrant, SPD. Lisa Gonzales, 41, warrant, SPD.

August 4

Michael Griffith, 24, disorderly conduct, criminal damage, GCSO. Marcus Smith, 28, warrant, PPD. Mario Sanchez, 28, warrant, GCSO. Robert Grove, 41, assault, disorderly conduct, SPD. Jennifer Fernandez, 31, warrant, DPS. Michael Quiroz, 38, aggravated assault, SPD. Penny Kempton, 38, disorderly conduct, PPD.

August 5

Angelica Perez, 20, warrant, GCSO. Georgina Dominguez, 57, warrant, TPD. Kyle Kinsey, 25, disorderly conduct, PPD. Jeremy Gomez, 21, commitment order, self. Giovanni Terrazas, 34, commitment order, self.

August 6

Christina Bustamonte, 39, warrant, courtesy hold, SPD. Dempsey Bylas, 44, warrant, TPD.

August 7

Miguel Sierra, 31, commitment order, self. Mirandyn Goodman, 32, warrant, TPD. John Deibler, 51, warrants, SPD. Joshua Grimes, 35, possession of drug paraphernalia, PPD. Robert Luna, 22, warrant, SPD.