Bing search shows unusually high number of coronavirus cases

Contributed Graphic/Bing

SAFFORD – Web surfers who prefer Bing to Google were in for a shock Wednesday when they searched for the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Graham County.

The COVID-19 Tracker on Bing’s main search page showed Graham County with 372 confirmed cases, not the actual two cases confirmed by the Graham County Department of Health. It also showed Gila County with 103 cases, instead of the confirmed three cases.

Health Director Brian Douglas said he didn’t know where Bing got that data. Gila Valley Central’s check with Graham County, N.C., found it wasn’t due to a geographic mix-up, as officials with the North Carolina county’s Health Department said there have been no confirmed cases there yet.

Douglas worked into Wednesday evening to get the correct information on the website, which finally appeared Thursday morning.