Bill Recognizing Out-Of-State Occupational Licenses Headed To Governor’s Desk

PHOENIX – The Arizona Senate yesterday passed with bipartisan support HB 2569, legislation to remove barriers to work for those who move here. Sponsored by Representative Warren Petersen, the bill would make Arizona the first state in the nation to allow for such broad recognition of out-of-state licenses and was a priority the governor acknowledged in his State of the State address.

With bipartisan passage in both the House and Senate the bill now heads to the governor’s desk for signature. Democrats largely opposed the measure when it came before the House, where it passed on a 36-24 vote.

“We don’t really know what the standards are in these other states,” Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley, a Tucson Democrat, told Reason TV, which is produced by the libertarian Reason Foundation. “Why should we dumb down our standards? I see this as sort of deregulation for the sake of deregulation.”

Governor Ducey on the other hand has been behind the bill from the start. “We’ve heard too many stories of licensed, experienced professionals denied the opportunity to work upon moving to Arizona,” said Governor Ducey. “With this first-in-the-nation reform, Arizonans who have recently moved here will be able to put their skills to work faster and without all the red tape. I thank Representative Petersen for his leadership and for sponsoring the bill and members of the House and Senate for their bipartisan support.”

“For qualified professionals who move to our state looking to work, let’s get government out of the way and let them get to work. I’m proud to have introduced this important legislation to help put Arizonans to work and I thank my colleagues for their support to pass this bill,” said Representative Petersen. “We look forward to Governor Ducey’s signature on this bill.”