Bicyclist caught with drugs

SAFFORD – Last Saturday afternoon, an officer was heading west on 9th Street in a marked patrol vehicle when a man on a bicycle in an alley way around the 400 block made eye contact and stopped. When the officer made a U-turn, the man on the bike was seen putting something down the front of his pants, as if he was hiding something.  The officer stopped and approached the man who then stated he was adjusting his belt and denied putting anything down his pants. The man denied having any weapons and gave the officer permission to search him. The officer located a metal container that appeared to have heroin residue. The man reported that heroin had been in the container about two days ago.

After placing the man in handcuffs, the officer explained that taking drugs into the jail was a serious crime. The man then admitted he had less than a gram of heroin in his pants. Another officer arrived and the two of them searched the man, and found a sock sewn into the inside of his pants. The man told authorities that he used the sock to hide urine samples so he could pass mandatory drug tests at work. Upon further searching, the officers located the heroin and drug paraphernalia in the man’s underclothing.