Being Lost and Seeing Ghost among most common dreams in Arizona

Today is not only St. Patricks Day, it’s also World Sleep Day. To celebrate, the team at did some research on what people dream about. According to their research, the average person has three to five dreams per night; however, they are often quickly forgotten…but not all of them.

For those which are remembered, what are most common? By analyzing Google search data (over the last 12 months), the report reveals which of America’s most common dreams/nightmares have been most frequently searched for – highlighting their increase of ‘interest’ over the last year. 

For Arizona, the search data found:

RankMost Common DreamYoY Change
1Being Lost100%
2Seeing Ghosts100%
4Aliens /UFO’s24%
5Teeth Falling out0%

Aliens or Dentists: What are the most common dreams in each state

There are numerous interpretations of dreams, and with the word “nightmare” receiving over 1.7 million average searches per month in 2022, researchers have sought to identify the most prevalent dreams in each state in 2023.

Aliens, Dental, and Spanish Dreams rank number one across the US.

According to Google queries, dental dreams have seen a tremendous 600% increase in Minnesota year on year. Numerous other states, including North Carolina, New Mexico, and Oregon, also experienced a significant rise.

Seven states, including Alabama, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Texas, listed having an encounter with an extra-terrestrial among the most common dreams. Indiana experienced the most significant rise in alien inquiries, with a 250% increase.

Montana experiences some of the greatest year-over-year growth rates, with being naked seeing a staggering 600% rise in that state alone.

These are the most common dreams across each state:

StateMost Common Dreams/NightmaresYoY Change %
AlabamaAliens /UFO’s200%
AlaskaSeeing Spiders200%
ArizonaBeing Lost100%
ArkansasFalling in Love300%
CaliforniaBeing Lost88%
ColoradoAliens /UFO’s150%
ConnecticutSeeing Spiders120%
DelawareTeeth Falling out67%
FloridaBeing Lost300%
GeorgiaSpeaking Another Language53%
HawaiiTrapped in an Old House120%
IdahoTrapped in an Old House50%
IllinoisAliens /UFO’s40%
IndianaAliens /UFO’s250%
IowaGetting Pregnant120%
KansasSeeing Ghosts200%
KentuckyDreaming of the World Ending50%
LouisianaSeeing Ghosts300%
MaineGetting Pregnant67%
MassachusettsAliens /UFO’s200%
MichiganSeeing Ghosts80%
MinnesotaTeeth Falling out600%
MississippiSpeaking Another Language150%
MissouriBeing Naked250%
MontanaBeing Naked600%
NebraskaTeeth Falling out67%
NevadaBeing Naked50%
New HampshireTeeth Falling out133%
New JerseyBeing Lost100%
New MexicoTeeth Falling out200%
New YorkDarkness75%
North CarolinaTeeth Falling out100%
North DakotaCar Crash50%
OhioBeing Lost200%
OregonTeeth Falling out100%
PennsylvaniaSpeaking Another Language53%
Rhode IslandFalling150%
South CarolinaBeing Naked100%
South DakotaGetting Pregnant300%
TennesseeAliens /UFO’s100%
TexasAliens /UFO’s24%
UtahSpeaking Another Language100%
VermontSpeaking Another Language100%
VirginiaSpeaking Another Language129%
WashingtonSpeaking Another Language129%
West VirginiaDying100%
WisconsinTrapped in an Old House84%
WyomingBeing Chased100%

*Since March 2022


To collect the data, keywords around dreams and sleeping were analyzed going back to March 2022. This revealed the overall number of searches for different types of dreams, in each state. We then ranked them based on the most searches and the highest YoY increase to reveal the most common dreams in each state.