Artisans on Main: A New Shop


Rennie Godfrey

Rennie Godfrey

Located beside A Step Back in Time Café on 418 West Main Street in Safford, Artisans on Main is a store specializing in jewelry and art created by local artists. It is also an antique shop, filled with beautiful antiques. These antiques are in great condition and for sale at amazing prices.

Rennie Godfrey, co-owner of Artisans on Main said, “We opened Artisans on Main, and we’re trying to help the artists in this area sell their art inexpensively. We charge fifteen percent of their sales. We have also vintage items, and shabby chic furniture, and artwork by Tim Cox.”

Tree of Life: by Nora Shaver

Tree of Life: by Nora Shaver

Times have been hard for many artists in large towns and small. While in a recession, people didn’t want to spend their money on original artworks and jewelry. Selling your artwork at a booth is usually extremely expensive, because much of the money earned will be going to the owner of the booth in rent. However, Rennie Godfrey wants to help the local artists sell their work easier. She believes that not only will this help the artists in the area, but it will also help to bring back the spark of Main Street. “So many Main Streets die because you don’t have that energy from the little shops that come to town,” Godfrey says, “A lot of times, artists are the ones who are responsible for bringing people to the areas. The artists bring a uniqueness to the downtown.”

gas stove2

Antique Gas Stove

It is a smaller shop, but it is filled with beauty and history. The lofty ceiling above shows its older architecture, while inside the shop is brimming with the excitement and joy of artists loving their craft. To the buyer, this store is the perfect blend of shabby chic, artwork, antique, and hand crafted jewelry.


Created by Reknown Silversmith: Ernesto Trujillo

For many, the thought of the one-of-millions jewelry and decor is uninteresting. We live in a world where everyone seems to have the same thing. For those to crave the original, rare, and imaginative, the Artisans on Main shop is the place for you.