Are we Safe from the Illegal Caravan coming to Arizona?

Dear Editor,

The migrant caravan is coming to Pima and Cochise Counties! We live roughly 60 miles southwest of the Mexican border and we would like to know what is being done to prepare for the invasion by the 14,000 plus group of mostly unknown young male migrants.  Does the Arizona Governor have a plan to protect us?  This is now not about whether you agree with the Wall, separating families, a Democrat or Republican, or immigration policies in general.  This is about the safety of our American families, our property, and our friends.  We do not trust that these unknown migrant persons will not steal from us, cause property damage, start fires, steal our automobiles, or physically harm us.  What is the health issue of the large amount of defecation left behind by them? We have watched the films of the migrants being violent and destroying fences and defeating the Mexican Police while the migrants cheered. Migrants forced their way through the barriers, through the police, and have boasted to the media that “we cannot be stopped!”

The predicted path of the young mostly male migrants now shows them going to Mexico City and then breaking off into branches to various border crossing points.  Nogales, AZ and El Paso, TX are on the current list, putting both Pima and Cochise Counties in the near middle of the two.  There are legal border crossings at Nogales, Sasabe, Naco, and Douglas. Nogales is 1,103 miles from Mexico City and overall a very short distance compared to how far they have already willingly traveled. That gives us a very short time to get ready. Those of us along the border know where the well-established migrant trails are and how often we see those trails being used. All legal border crossings are on main paved roads that the migrants prefer to use.

Different than the fleeing migrants who will not stay and fight for their country, my family will stand and defend ours, our property, and insure ours and our neighbor’s safety. We are certainly not looking for trouble but we pay for protection through our taxes! We are first turning to our government officials like the Governor, our County Commissioners, our police, and our Sheriff. Let’s say that 80% of the current migrants stay in Mexico City as suggested (2,800).  Then 10% of the remaining 20% break off to other border crossings. That leaves 1,400 to 1,500 migrants that will continue on to various legal ports of entry in Arizona.  Of course since there is no real barrier along most of Arizona’s border there are sure to be illegal crossings anywhere and everywhere along that border. In additional to illegal trespassing migrants that cross daily, there will be a possible 1,400 to 1,500 additional illegal migrants trespassing in Pima and Cochise Counties! They will be in Nogales, Tucson, Sierra Vista, Douglas, Naco, Bisbee, Willcox, Dragoon, El Frieda, Sonoita, Benson, Portal, Rodeo, Green Valley, Tombstone, and more communities.

It is stated that these largely young male migrants have few possessions; clothes on their back, no bedding, no food, and little money.  That will put 1,400 to 1,500 indigent persons sleeping in the streets, overwhelming public facilities, blocking roadways, and possibly committing criminal acts in our communities.  There are not any existing prepared indoor or outdoor incarceration facilities’ in Pima or Cochise County to handle massive numbers of arrests either. Our current law enforcement personnel numbers in both Counties are likely not sufficient to handle large numbers of arrests in a short period of time.  It would take some 35 to 40 buses just to transport them to a secure place too. These growing numbers of very desperate young male migrants will be like ‘herding cats’ when they arrive at the border.  They will see the border and scatter in all directions wildly to cross it.

This is not a ‘cry of wolf’ in any way.  All of us know that they are coming and are very determined.  The current 3-4 mile long mob (30-40 blocks) is growing daily with no end in sight or size.  Not surprisingly are the facts that seem to say that many of the young male migrants are coming to America to join their family members who are already living here illegally. So what are our political leaders and law enforcement personnel in Pima and Cochise County planning for this invasion?  What will the health issue be with the greatly increased amount of random defecation that will occur? Do the various Health Departments have a plan to protect us? How will we know we will be safe?  What are we to do?  We will not run!  We are smart resourceful honest citizens who want to trust our government officials and employees. They must talk with us, though! We are not looking for trouble in any way! Can we get answers before it is too late?


James A. Schmidt II (Jim)