AIA defers to school districts on COVID-19 cancellations; San Carlos cancels athletic events

GILA VALLEY– The Arizona Interscholastic Association has released an initial statement on the procedure for canceling high school sporting events.

In an email from the AIA’s Sports Information Director, Seth Polansky, the release states that school districts and schools will be in control of canceling their own events.

“The AIA reached out to all member schools this morning in regard to current discussions involving the COVID-19 virus, or Coronavirus.

“All regular season games and tournaments are under the governance of the member schools and districts. Therefore, the AIA will respect any athletic competition decisions made by those entities in regards to COVID-19. If events are cancelled or changed specifically due to COVID-19, the AIA will waive the fees associated with this. Athletic directors at the member schools will follow regular procedures of cancelling or changing events should this occur.”

Shortly after the AIA’s press release, San Carlos Unified School District Superintendent, Dr. Deborah Jackson-Dennison, announced that all school activities including sporting events that bring in large crowds will be canceled until further notice. Employee travel outside of the district has also been canceled.

As of 3:12 on March 12th, San Carlos has been the only School District to cancel extracurricular activities.

USA Wrestling, which includes the Safford Wrestling club, has canceled their events in Tucson this weekend. Arizona Region Club Volleyball practices and games have been canceled through March 22nd.