Police find disabled car in road, arrest man with warrant

SAFFORD –  An officer was headed back to the police station on Sunday around 2:15 am when he came upon a car that was stopped in the westbound lane of 8th Street near 10th Avenue. The car had it’s hood up with two males and two females standing in front of it. When they noticed the officer, a male and female took off running behind an abandoned house. The officer approached the man and woman who stayed with the vehicle. The two of them appeared to be drunk, and reported they didn’t know who’s vehicle it was. The officer noticed that both passenger side tires were flat.

The owner of the vehicle eventually came out from behind the abandoned house. The officer asked where the other person had gone that was with her, but she repeatedly stated there was no one with her. None of the people would tell the officer what happened to the vehicle, so the officer called dispatch to have the vehicle towed. However, dispatch informed the officer that the men had an outstanding warrant. He was arrested and the two woman were allowed to leave. The vehicle was towed from the scene.