Young child runs into moving vehicle

A Safford police officer was dispatched to Main Street in Safford last Thursday afternoon in reference to a child who had apparently run into the side of a moving vehicle. Upon arrival the officer spoke to the woman who had been driving the vehicle.

The woman said that she was driving eastbound on Main Street at a low rate of speed. She said that she waived to the mailman and suddenly heard a loud bang toward the front of her vehicle. A woman picked up a small boy near the front of her vehicle, put the boy in a car and drove the boy to the hospital. The woman said that she believed the boy ran out into the roadway.

A witness reported that he was behind the woman in his vehicle. He said that he just saw a flash of clothing suddenly enter the roadway. He said that it appeared that a small boy, perhaps 2 years old ran into the road and was chased by his mother.

The officer noticed that the woman’s car appeared to have a red drink splattered on the side of the vehicle. There was also a small dent on the side of the vehicle. Based on the witnesses statements the officer didn’t believe that the driver had committed any violations.

The officer went to the hospital and found the woman and child there. The woman told the officer that her one-year-old son suddenly ran into the roadway. She said that she tried to stop him but the boy ran into the front tire area of the vehicle and she was lightly struck in her forearm near the hood of the vehicle as she tried to stop him.

Neither the mother nor child appeared to be injured and were going through a precautionary evaluation.