Woods is the Pride of Safford

Brandt Woods, front row center, was presented the Pride of Safford award for his Downtown Mural Project of 31 murals in Safford's Downtown area. - David Bell Photo/Gila Valley Central

SAFFORD — “I just want to say, ‘Thanks.’ Thanks for letting me turn your town into my portfolio,” Brandt Woods said as he received the Pride of Safford Award Thursday.

Woods was nominated for his work beautifying Safford through his Downtown Mural Project. In early 2021, Woods proposed the Safford Downtown Association allow him to complete 31 murals in 31 days.

While he didn’t complete the 31 murals in the planned one month — the 31st mural will be completed this weekend as part of the Community Mural Event at Austin’s Auto Advantage —he said he has no plans to stop.

“I appreciate all the sponsors I’ve had for all the murals; and all the businesses and owners who let me experiment and try to inspire people at the same time,” Woods said.

Woods’ mural project is also the subject of a documentary currently being filmed by the Carpe and Zen Movie/Television Studio, the makers of the film “Ace of Hearts” and organizers of the Gila Valley Film Festival, April 21-22 at the Historic Safford Theatre.

Since starting the Mural Project in Downtown Safford, Woods has been commissioned for other mural work inside area businesses and schools, as well as work on projects out of the area.

He’s also the creator of the all-ages comic strips “Crow and Pistachio” and “In Their Nature.”