Woman’s purse stolen from vehicle, then returned

SAFFORD – Just before 7:00 pm on Sunday evening, an officer was dispatched to Walmart in reference to a vehicle burglary. The victim reported to authorities her purse had been stolen out of her vehicle while she and her husband shopped at Walmart. She stated the doors to the vehicle had been left unlocked, however, the woman had tucked her purse under the rear passengers seat.

According to the report the victim’s husband was first to arrive back to the vehicle and was approached by a man who was driving a dark colored car. The man handed the victim’s husband his wife’s purse, claiming that he watched a couple of teenagers take the purse and throw it out near 20th Avenue. The victim was not able to identify anything missing out of the purse at that time, although, she still wanted the incident reported.

When the officer viewed surveillance footage from Walmart, the officer observed a man driving a dark colored car park next to the victim’s vehicle and begin walking to the store entrance but stopped prior to entering and then turns back towards the parking lot. The man walked directly to the victim’s vehicle and entered the rear passenger side door. The man then re-entered his own vehicle and drove away. The same vehicle was then viewed driving back to the victim’s vehicle and the man contacted the victim’s husband at the vehicle, and then the man drove away shortly after.