Woman calls authorities, claims her son’s been kidnapped by Tim McGraw

A deputy sheriff was dispatched last Sunday to speak with a woman who had reported that her adult son had been kidnapped by country singer, Tim McGraw. The woman claimed that her son was taken and beaten sometime between 6:30 and 7:00 PM Saturday evening. According to the police report, the woman continued to make unintelligible comments after telling the deputy about the alleged kidnapping.

The woman told the deputy that she had video of the incident on her ION. When asked if she was able to identify the kidnapper, she reportedly said, “Yep, it’s Time McGraw.” When asked what an ION was, the woman apparently said that she and her son have a pole in their head that sticks out with wires attached to their eyes, which records their sight and smell. When asked to confirm that the suspect was country singer, Tim McGraw, the woman said that it could have been Smokey the Bear as well.

The deputy asked for contact information for the woman’s son. The deputy made contact and told him that his mother had reported that he had been kidnapped and beat up. The man assured the deputy that he was fine and explained that his mother is on drugs and has been calling people with similar stories. He said that his mother has refused help for her drug addiction.