Woman arrested for drug paraphernalia in friend’s home

A man called authorities last Friday evening to report that his female companion was doing drugs in his home. A Safford police officer was dispatched to the home at approximately 6:30 p.m. Upon arrival, the homeowner met the officer outside and explained that he had met a woman approximately 6 months ago and she had moved in with him. The man continued to explain that his girlfriend had started doing drugs and he had found a meth pipe in her jeans. The woman had apparently admitted doing meth the night prior.

The woman had a friend visiting from Michigan. While speaking with the reporting party, the officer could hear her arguing with her friend. Both women were yelling at each other and banging could be heard coming from inside the house. The officer entered the house and followed the sound of the commotion to the first bedroom. The visiting friend was standing in front of the bathroom door. The officer announced his presence in a loud voice but the two women ignored him. Then he took a step so they could see him. As he stepped forward he could see the live-in girlfriend standing in the bathroom with no clothes on. The officer quickly stepped backward to obscure the view. The naked woman yelled at the officer to not yell at her. The officer told the woman to put some clothes on. The woman stepped out of the bathroom, still with no clothes on, and continued yelling at the officer. The officer averted his eyes and told her to get dressed. She eventually put on a robe.

She told the officer that she hadn’t slept in a day and wanted to take a shower, go to bed and be left alone. The woman told the officer that her boyfriend and visiting friend would not leave her alone. The officer asked if she had smoked meth and she admitted that she had smoked it the day before using a pipe. The officer asked where the pipe was and she said that it was in her pants pocket.

The officer told the woman that she would have to find another place to stay for the night but the woman said that she had nowhere else to go. She said that she had lent her camper to someone because they needed somewhere to stay. The woman was being belligerent with her friend and boyfriend. She repeatedly told the officer that her son and daughter had been sleeping together and she couldn’t take it.

The reporting party took the officer to a shed next to the garage. He turned the light on and pointed to a glass pipe with white and burnt residue sitting on a table. The officer collected the pipe with a glove and brought it back into the residence.

The officer asked the woman if she would be willing to go to the safe house. She agreed. The officer made contact with the safe house and they said that they had the woman in their database. The officer told the safe house employee that the woman had admitted to using meth the night before. The safe house employee said that they would not be able to take her in due to her drug use.

The officer went back inside the house and found the woman dressed. He told her that the safe house would not take her in. She then said that she was going to leave for the night.

The officer read the woman her Miranda Rights and asked her about the pipe. The woman said that she had used it the night before to smoke meth. The woman said that it was her daughter’s pipe and that she had gotten it from her daughter’s bag. The officer allowed her to leave on her own. She got her purse and dog and walked toward the door, making some vulgar statements toward her boyfriend and friend. The officer told the reporting party to contact the police department if she returned.

At approximately 8:00 p.m., the officer was called back to the residence because the woman had returned. When the officer arrived, the woman was standing in the road in front of the residence. The officer asked her why she had returned and she said that she needed a blanket because it was getting cold and she had nowhere to stay. She said that her boyfriend had given her a jacket instead of a blanket. The reporting party confirmed the woman’s version of the events but said that she had been yelling at him.

The officer placed the woman under arrest for drug paraphernalia. He placed her in the back of his patrol vehicle. While en route to the jail, the woman started yelling at the officer, telling him to put a round in her head because she wanted to die. She started banging her head on both sides of the transport compartment. The officer pulled over and she stopped banging her head. When he started driving again, she started banging her head again. He pulled over again and told her to stop. She stopped and the officer transported her to the jail. The officer looked at the woman’s head when they arrived at the jail but did not see any signs of injury from banging her head in the cage of the patrol vehicle.

She was booked into the jail for possession of drug paraphernalia. Jail medical personnel were advised that she had made suicidal statements on the way to the jail. The residue in the pipe tested positive for meth.