Woman arrested for aggravated DUI

SAFFORD – An officer on patrol last Tuesday just after 11:00 pm, observed a vehicle driving west on 8th Street, crossing into the center lane across double yellow lines and continue to turn South on 20th Avenue where the vehicle straddled the two Southbound lanes. The officer pulled the vehicle over, while also discovering from MVD the license plate was expired and not valid for highway use.

When the officer approached the female driver, it could be seen she was having a difficult time being still; a strong pulse could be seen in her neck and she also had very rigid muscle posture. When asked, the woman stated she was not on any prescription medication and had not taken any drugs. After the officer checked the woman’s license, it returned as being suspended due to failure to pay a fine.

The woman was asked to step out of the vehicle where the officer explained the situation. The woman stated that the registration problem must be a mistake. The woman was reportedly acting erratic, and stated that she was nervous and unable to calm down. The officer asked the woman to perform some tests. The woman initially  denied using, but then stated she used meth two days prior. The woman was placed under arrest for aggravated DUI and placed in handcuffs. The passengers left on foot and the vehicle was towed from the scene.

After the woman had her blood drawn at the police department she was transported to her residence.