Wedding Fair this weekend on Safford’s Main Street

- Tanja Jans Photo/FreeImages

SAFFORD — It was the last big community event held before the Gila Valley went into quarantine due to the pandemic, and it will be the first big event now that new case numbers are on the decline.

The Gila Valley Wedding and Event Fair will take place Saturday on Safford’s Main Street.

“We’re excited that we’re getting to have an event,” said Torey Cranford, Event Committee chair for the Graham County Chamber of Commerce. “We’re excited that businesses are going to get to be out there and show you what they have. This is going to be a big wedding year in our Gila Valley. Every time I look at my newsfeed somebody I know has gotten engaged or is planning a wedding.”

The event will feature businesses that serve weddings and events, such as chair and table rentals, event planners, bakers, DJs and more.

The event will take place on Safford’s Main Street, headquartered at the Venue, Saturday, from noon to 5 p.m.