Walmart surveillance shows shoplifter’s activity

SAFFORD – Sunday evening, police were dispatched to Walmart at the request of Asset Protection in reference to a female seen shoplifting. She came into the store with an empty shopping cart and went to the bedding area where she placed bed sets into her cart. She continued to gather items from around the store before going to a register. She told the cashier she did not want the items she had put in the cart but was heading to Customer Service to return the bedding.

The woman went to Customer Service and attempted to return the bed sets that she did not pay for. She wanted cash for the return, but she was advised that she needed a receipt if she wanted cash. She told them that she was going to leave and return with the receipt. She walked out of the store with the bed sets. The woman went to a silver Cadillac Escalade and waited for other people to get there before they left.

As the officer reviewed the video footage of the female getting out of the vehicle on the passenger side and entering the store, the officer recognized the driver along with who’s vehicle it was. The female has not been identified at the time of the report.

The total cost of the bed sets is $117.89