Vehicles Damaged at Baccalaureate

SAFFORD – Two attendees of the Safford High School Baccalaureate ceremony last Sunday reported damage to their vehicles while parked in the gravel parking lot near the high school.

Police were dispatched to the Safford High parking lot at approximately 6:00 pm Sunday evening regarding damage to multiple vehicles. Two people reported leaving the Baccalaureate ceremony and finding that their vehicles had been damaged by an unknown person.

One of the vehicles had impact damage to the right rear bumper. The bumper and tail light were displaced as well as the trunk. The other vehicle had a chip in the front windshield, a broken front passenger side window, multiple scrapes and chips to the passenger’s doors. There were smaller pieces of gravel on the hood of the vehicle.

There were tire tracks in the gravel of the parking lot showing that a vehicle had spun a donut type maneuver. The tracks indicated that rocks had been spun up at a high rate of speed vehicle. It appears that the person who spun around in the parking lot hit the rear end of one of the vehicles.

The person(s) responsible for the damage is not known.