Two Polaris Shuttle simulator rides added at Discovery Park Campus

Thunder Moon and Wing and a Prayer!

By Paul Anger

For many years, the Eastern Arizona College – Discovery Park Campus has offered the exciting Polaris Shuttle ride “Tour of the Solar System!” where guests blast at the speed-of-light to the lonely Dwarf-Planet Pluto and visit several amazing planets as they return to Earth. Due to popular demand, two new Polaris Shuttle rides are now being offered to the public – Thunder Moon and Wing and a Prayer!

On Thunder Moon, participants work with teammates in spacesuits on the surface of the Moon near a new colonization where a massive meteor shower is streaming down huge meteorites! The only way off the moon is to board a transport vehicle to the spaceport where a space shuttle awaits. But all along the way riders struggle to avoid the exploding meteorites raining down and destroying everything in sight. The goal is to get off of the Moon before the space shuttle is destroyed…but will you make it in time?

On the second new program, Wing and a Prayer, participants join Buster McCoy, a reckless pilot for a fun flight over fields and mountains. Suddenly, Buster finds an oil leak on the engine, but with a quick fix, everyone is soaring in the air. Zooming past cotton fields, almost touching a towering windmill, and flying high over beautiful forested mountains, Buster takes participants screaming deep in the mountain canyons, almost scraping the wingtips on the cliffs…but wait, something’s wrong! The quick fix didn’t work and the engine sputters! What will you do? Don’t worry, Buster will save the day again…or will he?

Polaris Shuttle rides and entrance to the Campus are free. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Tuesday and Thursday mornings are reserved for school field trips). On Saturday evenings from 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., the Campus hosts Astronomy Nights! During this event, the Polaris Shuttle will operate, the Graham County Historical Society’s Museum artifacts will be on display, and the “History of Astronomy” Gallery is open with lots of great information. But best of all, the giant 20” Tinsley Telescope and the dome in the Gov Aker Observatory are open – weather permitting – to view the wonders of the Night Sky with the Desert SkyGazers Astronomy Club on hand.

For more information about the EAC Discovery Park Campus please call (928) 428-6260 or visit our website at