Two new COVID-19 cases in Thatcher, four in Safford

- David Bell Graph/GIla Valley Central

SAFFORD — Add six new cases of COVID-19 to Graham County’s total.

Graham County Health Department announced two of Thursday’s new cases were located in Thatcher and four in Safford.

That brings Graham County’s total to 907, with 157 of the cases considered active. There have been 26 deaths.

Graham County’s infection rate is currently listed as 6.3 percent per the Arizona Department of Health Services, one of the two benchmarks needed to keep children in the classroom for school.

The other benchmark met is two consecutive weeks with hospital visits due to COVID-like symptoms below 10 percent. Graham County has consistently met this threshold and is currently at 1.8 percent.

The one benchmark Graham County is not currently meeting is two consecutive weeks with less than 100 cases per 100,000 population. Graham County is currently at 114 per 100,000.

Greenlee County has gone six days without a new case, holding at 60, with two active and two deaths.

Greenlee County is the only county in the state to meet all three benchmarks for in-person instruction for children in school. The county’s infection rate is listed at 2.6 percent, it’s at 10 cases per 100,000 population and hospital visits due to COVID-like symptoms is at 1.8 percent.