“Touch of Heart Massage” Now Located on Main Street in Thatcher


Just past the Caboose, headed into Safford on the right hand side, a white sign sits on the sidewalk. Hannah Keir’s business, “Touch of Heart Massage” is located at 3481 Main Street, and is now open and offering a wide range of services.

Although her sign may be new, Hannah Keir is a very familiar face in the Gila Valley. “I’ve lived on Main Street since August of last year,” Hannah Keir states, “The main thing I offer at this time is massage therapy. I do Therapeutic Massage, I can do Maternity and Cranial Sacral Therapy, and I will soon be adding Wellness and Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy to my menu. I am going to be putting together programs for weight loss, addiction recovery, and my programs will encompass Life Coaching and Nutritional Coaching.”

Keir is now offering her skills as a health coach, and one question would be why anyone would go to a health coach. The question all but answers itself. According to Health Daily News, fewer than one-third of Americans are currently at a healthy weight, with the rest of the population being overweight or obese. To put it plainly, America needs to shape up, lose weight, and get healthy. Will dieting work? Traci Mann, a UCLA associate professor of psychology, says that it probably won’t. “You can initially lose 5 to 10 percent of your weight on any number of diets, but then the weight comes back,” Mann explains, “Diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people.” Apparently, America needs something more than the latest diet craze to get healthy.

When asked why someone would go to a health coach, Hannah Keir said, “You seek out a nutrition and life coach to make lasting lifestyle changes. When you make changes in your diet, you not only have to change what you eat but how you eat it.” According to Keir, Life Coaching assists the participant in making their own goals and moving forward in their life. “Wellness Coaching will help you form good habits for the rest of your life which will hopefully lead to weight loss and better health. The goal of Life Coaching is to help people move forward in their lives when they feel stuck.” Keir says that everyone has different struggles in their life, surrounding their nutrition and their health, affecting the overall direction of their life. “I sit down with each person individually and we together come up with the best possible plan for them. We find out what’s working for them in their lives, and focus on what’s working and try to make more goals that are easy for them to accomplish.”

Stephanie Eyre, a resident of Safford, and expectant mother, had nothing but compliments for Keir’s work. “I go to Hannah because she makes me feel comfortable and I am able to express my emotions freely with her without feeling judged. I also feel good vibes from her every time I see her and I feel she has a lot of wisdom and knowledge in many areas that have been very helpful for my life and things I need help with.”

Hannah Keir has been in the Gila Valley since 1988, and she has been practicing message therapy for roughly eighteen years. “I started out my career working at Kachina Mineral Springs,” Keir stated, “I worked there for many years, and I was trained by local therapists at that time. Then the laws changed for massage therapy, and I went to massage therapy school and I got my license. I’ve also worked at Hands for Health spa for several years. And now I have my own office in my home.” Keir is solely working out of the office in her own home, “This is the first time I’ve had an office in my house,” Keir said, “But now I am very happy to have my business, and I work by appointment only.”

To contact “Touch of Heart Massage” call Hannah Keir at (928)-322-7368