TikTok vandalism, theft comes to Safford

Safford High School - David Bell Photo/Gila Valley Central

SAFFORD — Safford Unified School District is letting parents know that the latest social media trend is causing problems in school buildings.

In a letter to parents sent Thursday, Safford High School Principal Torey Leitzke told parents about the TikTok Devious Licks, which challenges students to steal items from school and record themselves with the items stolen.

“That trend has now reached our community and our school to where our students are encouraging each other to steal random items.  The items range from soap dispensers, sanitizer dispensers, ceiling tiles, fire extinguishers, calculators, microscopes, teacher bathroom passes, random teacher items in classrooms, a parking lot speed bump, a Chromebook, etc,” Leitzke wrote.

Leitzkesaid students reported the social media challenge to administration, which prompted an investigation.

“Each of the reports made to us have been true and discipline is being handled accordingly,” she said.

Leitzke is asking parents to look at what their children have recorded on the phones, and discuss with the children the consequences for these actions, which include school suspension, police involvement as the possibility of criminal charges.