On 6/22/2015 at about 1:53 P.M. an officer was dispatched to Thriftee in reference to a report of shoplifting. Upon arrival the officer was directed to a male suspect who was seated in a room and was then identified. The officer observed an unopened box of Coricidin medication and sales receipt on the counter.

The suspect was advised of his Miranda Rights and asked him if he understood. He said that he did understand his rights. He also said he was willing to answer my questions. I asked him what happened and he said he placed the medication in his front pocket and initially said he was going to pay for it with one of his three debit cards and had just walked up to the cashier wind. He later recanted and said he was not going to pay for the medication.

The officer issued him a citation for shoplifting and informed him of his court date. He was then provided with a victims rights form.

Suspect was trespassed from the store. No further action was taken.