Theaters, coffee bar support Way’s outreach mission

The Way World Outreach's mission is funded in part through movie ticket sales and purchases at the coffee bar. - David Bell Photo/Gila Valley Central

SAFFORD — The Way is asking for the public’s help, to help the public.

“We are trying to help high-risk families, the homeless and other people that are in tough places at the moment,” said The Way spokesperson Reese Andazola.

The Way World Outreach conducts a number of assistance programs, such as Adopt-a-Block, that helps with groceries, utilities and rent, as well as prayer and counseling.

The Way also is one of the many religious organizations in the Gila Valley providing hot meals to those who find themselves on the street.

Andazola said the way to help is to have an enjoyable evening with the family or just stop for a midday pick-me-up.

“We would the public to start coming to our coffee shop and theater, so we can help and support the community,” she said.

The Way World Outreach purchased Victory Fellowship in June 2022 and immediately began renovations of the building and surrounding property, including upgrades to the theaters and coffee bar.

The Way World Outreach started in San Bernardino, Calif.; and has expanded to two locations in San Bernardino; one in the Compton area of Los Angeles; one in Pomona, Calif.; one in Tijuana, Mexico; and another in Kenya in addition to the church in Safford.