The Fix is the new med spa in town

Contributed Photo By Lindsey Frank Photography/Courtesy Jennifer Bryce: The women of The Fix Med Spa stand in front of their new business. They are, from left, Lindsey Robbins, Kamron Carlsen, Amber Daley, and Jennifer Bryce.

By Brooke Curley

SAFFORD – Botox, facials, microblading, and laser hair removal are now available in Downtown Safford.

With the closest medical spa previously only available in Tucson, The Fix Med Spa at 606 S. Central Ave. is a welcome addition to the area. A med spa is what anyone would suspect that a spa would entail, but with a medical twist. From Botox to massage therapy, the med spa has what locals might be looking for in a spa experience.

Owner and creator of The Fix Med Spa, Jennifer Bryce, is a registered nurse and performs cosmetic injections, dermaplaning, and vitamin injections, as well a plethora of other beauty services. Bryce told Gila Valley Central that she had been planning on opening The Fix Med Spa for roughly five years and has carefully chosen her fellow med spa aestheticians. Between all of the women working at the spa, everyone has roughly 16 years of education to back up their various professions. What excites Bryce the most about the spa is the fact that individuals don’t have to drive two to three hours to receive the treatments the med spa can provide.

Contributed Photo By Lindsey Frank Photography/Courtesy Jennifer Bryce: Jennifer Bryce is the owner of The Fix Med Spa, and is excited to bring the med spa experience to the Gila Valley.

“We get to bring more spa treatments to the Gila Valley when it wasn’t normally available to us before,” Bryce said. “People don’t have to make the long trek out of town to be able to get these services.”

Although many individuals may think that The Fix Med Spa would only be for women, there are multiple services available for men as well. From vitamin supplements to scalp treatments, the facility has a variety of services for male customers.

“We have something for everybody, whether it is vitamin injections all the way up to micro needling, which is re surfacing the skin,” Bryce said. “There’s something for everybody. And we want everybody to be welcome, including the guys. They can have PRP skin treatments on their scalps to grow hair. There is something for everyone.”

Priced competitively, The Fix has treatments for every area of the face, from the crows feet treatments of Botox to microblading treatments for unruly brows. Also, The Fix offers waxing, and chemical peels. For a full list of The Fix Med Spa’s visit

Amber Daley, the licensed esthetician, told Gila Valley Central that she was excited to join the group at The Fix Med Spa because she never thought she would be able to practice her passion in the Gila Valley.

“I immediately had to jump on board because I never thought I could really get into the medical anesthetics part living here,” Daley said. “ She (Bryce) has gone about her way of opening up this spa, and it’s so great and such a blessing to me to be able to do something that I love. It’s been awesome.”

Daley said she loves being an esthetician because she can help women feel good about themselves. Having a passion for skin care, Daley told Gila Valley Central that she only uses the best products for her patients and that she lives for her career as an esthetician.

“One of my favorite things about being an esthetician is making women feel good, and making them walk out with a glow,” Daley said. “I’ve always had a passion for good skin care and good regimen and good products going into the skin. I only use the best of the best products for my clients and I’m making sure they’re getting the right treatments. It’s something I live for. I dream about it. It’s my goal to make everyone leave feeling better and more confident and ready to take on the world.”

Bryce told Gila Valley Central that working as a nurse, she sees many individuals come into the hospital who are sick and sad. However, when she works at the med spa, she is given the chance to help people who chose to come to her to carve out an hour or two of personal time. In a world where every waking minute is monopolized by some sort of work, if it’s a job or being a mom, Bryce said she is happy to help give her client that hour or two of personal time.

“People come here because they want to be here,” Bryce said. “They want to have a facial and they want to be the center of your attention for that hour and they get their time just for them. And it’s all about them just for that time and they leave feeling that much better when they leave.”

The Fix Med Spa will be having its grand opening Friday, Sept. 8 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  Located at 606 S. Central Ave. in Safford, those interested may book an appointment online by visiting, or by calling The Fix at (928)-965-0947. For more information about The Fix Med Spa visit their website at


For a full list of The Fix Med Spa’s click