Teenage Boy Arrested for Possession of Marijuana and Disorderly Conduct

At approximately 1:06 am on July 24, 2015 a Safford officer responded to a local residence in reference to a juvenile problem. Lusianna Flores called and stated that her 14 year old son Ramon Flores was not listening to her and was talking about running away.


Upon arrival, the officer was met by Lusianna in the front year. Lusianna pointed toward the street and said he must have just left. Lusianna said that he was wearing a red shirt and was carrying a plastic tote with clothes in it along with a skateboard. The officer drove around the corner and located Ramon. Ramon got in the officers car and was taken back to his home.


Flores stated his mother yelled at him and disrespected him and he did not want to be there. As the officers were walking toward the front door, Flores was carrying the tote full of clothes and appeared to throw it on the ground causing it to open and contents to spill out. As Ramon leaned over to pick the items up the officer noticed a plastic container with a white lid containing a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana. Ramon tried to hide the container back in the clothes and the officer stopped him and detained him in handcuffs. Ramon was read his Miranda rights with his mother present and he said he understood. He was asked if the substance was marijuana and he responded that it was and that it belonged to him. Flores was walked to the officers vehicle, searched, then put inside the car.


The officer spoke with Lusianna and she told the officer that the argument started earlier when she told him no about staying the night at a girlfriend’s house. Lusianna said that Ramon forced his way into her room and grabbed the tote and clothes and told her that he was leaving.


Based upon the disruptive act of forcing his way into Lusianna’s room with her trying to keep him out, the officer placed Ramon under arrest for disorderly conduct during a domestic violence incident. Ramon was also arrested for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.


The officer spoke with a juvenile Probation officer and she advised them to take Floes to the detention center. The officer transported Flores to the Easter Arizona detention center where he was booked in without incedent.