Support GCRC With AZ Tax Credit

GCRC client, Frank Smith with his brother, Don Smith, a GCRC board member

By Laurie Smith

The Gila Valley has always cared for its most vulnerable citizens.  The Graham County Rehabilitation Center (GCRC) provides those with disabilities an opportunity to participate in a variety of programs. GCRC began in 1968 and 10 years ago operated with only 10 clients. As of 2020, it has expanded to nearly 100 clients as our community has grown. With the CDC’s report of a 10% rise in autism since the year 2000, many of our special-needs citizens have found refuge in the help afforded them through the GCRC. Clients learn in a structured environment with routines that are the basis for teaching daily living skills, respect for others, and helping them develop independent living skills that allow them to meet their own needs.   GCRC provides a positive, caring atmosphere that is a second home for its clients!

The Children’s After School and Summer Program provides services to children ages 6 to 18. Adult Day Programs provide services to adults ages 18 to retirement. Community outings provide the opportunity to transfer skills learned at the programs into home and community settings. Those interested have the chance to learn job skills while in supported work programs, like the Thrift Store, and receive a paycheck.  

We appreciate our community’s ongoing support and ask you to consider donating to our programs by visiting the Graham Greenlee Tax Credit Coalition website at and donating to the GCRC. For every $1 you give, you can get $1 back thanks to the dollar-for-dollar Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. As the need for these special services continues to grow, community support is a valued and essential resource.  Thank you for making the Gila Valley a place that supports and cares for all of its citizens!