Study shows Halloween decorations are not a big priority in Arizona

Spooky season is almost here and retailers seem to be stocking shelves with Halloween decor earlier than ever this year!

In fact, according to a new study conducted by Lombardo Homes, 15% of Americans will begin the Halloween decorating process before October 1st and 37% will decorate the first week of October. 

So, what is everyone setting up outside? That all depends on where the spooky season enthusiasts live across the U.S., but nationwide, the top three decorations are (1) pumpkins, (2) corn stalks, and (3) skeletons!

It’s clear people are excited for Halloween this year with 79% of Americans decorating for the spooky season. 

  • States decorating the most for Halloween in 2023: Utah, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware 
  • Americans will spend an average of $87 on Halloween decor this year – nearly 30% more than last year
  • Households will spend an average of 3 hours to set up their displays 

Survey conductors analyzed 7,330 Google search terms related to Halloween decorations and asked over 1,200 homeowners about their favorite seasonal details. The survey found “spooky” decor is most preferred while 5% admit to going for the gore.

However, according to the study, Halloween decorations are not a big priority in Arizona. Our state ranked number 29 on the list with skeletons being the most favorable Halloween decoration.

See the full report here.