Staying Safe Online

Today marks National Data Privacy Day, a day focused on raising awareness about cybersecurity and the importance of safeguarding personal and business data online.

According to Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey’s office, Arizona has taken the lead in working to protect the privacy and identity of residents in our state and across the United States. In 2018, Governor Ducey formed the Arizona Cybersecurity Team (ACT), bringing together lawmakers, the private sector, law enforcement, non-profit organizations, higher education and the public to comprehensively address cybersecurity issues statewide. Governor Ducey remains committed to working with stakeholders around the state, including our Attorney General and Secretary of State, to protect Arizona citizens and institutions.

We all play a role in increasing data privacy and protecting ourselves and our community from cyber attacks. Putting in a place a few simple habits can help protect web users against the most common threats:

  • Create original passwords with a mix of numbers, letters and characters.
  • Switch up your passwords for different accounts.
  • When not in use, sign out of your accounts and devices.
  • Take the opportunity to set up dual authentication on devices and accounts.
  • Make sure you trust the sender before clicking on links included in emails.
  • If you come across suspicious links or emails, be sure to report it to your IT department and/or the ACTIC.
  • Remember, if a link, website or sender looks suspicious, it probably is.