Six Local Subjects Fighting in a Safford Roadway



On July 18, 2015 at approxately 12:52am Safford Police was dispatched to a local business in Safford were six subjects were fighting out in the roadway.


When the units arrived at the location there were no subjects fighting. Officers could see a male subject that was arguing with the owner of the bar out in front. Officers separated them to see what was happening. The subject advised that he had been jumped by two men and one female. He then informed officers that he had been stabbed in the right buttocks area. He stated that they left the area in a vehicle in an unknown direction. He later advised that this happened over an hour ago.


The officer asked the subject to tell him what happened. He advised that he was a JD’s earlier eating and drinking. He then came over to Shane’s Place to see what was gong on. When he pulled up just to the North of the bar he got out of his vehicle and was confronted by one of the males. That man had a flashlight in his hand. The subject felt that he needed to defend himself so he took a punch at the man. The was then hit by the man with the flashlight. He was startled and was then hit again with the flashlight. He dropped to the ground and at this time he felt a cold sensation on his right buttocks area. He then figured that he had been stabbed and he knew that it was a knife wound. They then jumped into their vehicle and left the scene. The subject was upset because he said the bar owner saw what was going on and did not call the police.


The officer spoke with the bar owner. The bar owner right away told the officer repeatedly that this was not part of his establishment. The officer asked the bar owner what he saw. He stated that the subject was drunk and swung at somebody. He fell to the ground and he did not see anyone stab him. He thinks this happened somewhere else and the subject was claiming that it happened there. The officer asked where the men were fighting at. He informed the officer that it was at the corner of 6th Ave and Main St.


Southwest ambulance was called and the subject refused treatment. He advised that he did not want to be a victim and he left the area. The case is now closed du to no victim.