SEACAB to clean local bike trail

Volunteers work on a previous cleanup in Duncan, removing green waste, trash and recyclable materials. - Contributed Photo/SEACAB

SAFFORD – As the old saying goes, the greatest gift you can give your children is the gift of a better world. Southeastern Arizona Clean and Beautiful (SEACAB) is trying to do just that.

The nonprofit’s latest cleanup will be Aug. 27 along the multiuse path beside 20th Avenue and 26th Street. Jay Rasco, director of SEACAB, said the cleanup is not only about taking care of the litter already there but also bringing attention of the litter problem to the public’s eye.

“What we hope to accomplish is a greater awareness of the litter problem in our beautiful community and to promote more volunteers to help stop it and to come out to our events to clean it up and stop the litter,” Rasco said. “We are appealing to everyone in southeastern AZ to become activists in our efforts to respect others by properly disposing of no longer needed articles that can be recycled with just a little effort.”

Rasco believes when visitors come from out of state, they will be more likely to remain if our state is beautiful and clean. Also, Rasco is a firm believer in the statement that ‘litter begets litter’.

“We believe a clean and attractive community will help to lower the desire of some to want to deface the many attractions we have here in southeastern Arizona,” Rasco said.

For those interested in volunteering, a group of volunteers will be meeting at the Glenn Meadows Park at 7 a.m. The cleanup will last until 11 a.m., and every volunteer should bring a water bottle, hat and sunscreen. Snacks, trash bags, gloves and ice water will be provided.

SEACAB limits its cleanup projects to local communities and properties without competing with local for-profit companies. It limits volunteer cleanups to properties which are government owned, and properties owned by individuals who cannot afford a professional cleanup crew. Working within the community. SECAB strives to educate and build a sense of community pride. It stresses the importance of recycling and prolonging the life of the city’s landfill and community gardens. The SEACAB group is also always on the lookout for new volunteers.