Safford Police save overdose victim with Narcan

Narcan nasal spray is a prescription medication used to counteract an opioid overdose and costs roughly $50 to purchase.

Safford police officers were called to the Tour Rest Motel Friday night regarding a man who had reportedly overdosed on heroin.

When authorities arrived, a woman directed them to the bathroom where they found the man slumped over in a bathtub and unresponsive. The man’s lips and face area were turning blue. The officer immediately administered a dose of Narcan nasal spray and with the help of another officer, removed the man from the bathtub. Approximately one minute later, the man sat up and was alert and talking.

The officers asked the woman who had directed them to the man how she became involved in the situation. She told them that she was in the room next door and heard several people screaming in the room next to her. She went outside to see what was going on and saw two men and a woman leaving the room where the man had overdosed. They told the woman that they couldn’t be there when the police showed up and fled the scene. The woman reportedly entered the room, found the unconscious man in the bathtub and called 911.

Lifeline ambulance arrived and began treating the man. He reportedly asked them where his sister was. According to the police report, the woman who fled prior to the police arriving might have been the man’s sister. However, the man refused to make any statements about who had been with him.

The man was transported to Mount Graham Regional Medical Center for treatment. The unidentified subjects have not been located.