Safford Police recover stolen vehicle

On September 1, 2020, while patrolling in the area of 5th Avenue and 2nd Street, a Safford police officer noticed a gray Chevy pickup parked northbound in the southbound lane on 5th Avenue. The vehicle’s wheels were more than 18 inches from the curb.

The officer parked behind the truck and noted the truck had a Florida license plate. The officer approached on the passenger side. The driver was still in the vehicle and the vehicle was running. The officer explained that the driver needed to park with the passenger-side wheels to the curb.

The driver told the officer that he did not have a driver’s license and provided a Georgia identification card, which identified him as Terry Fish. He was unable to produce any paperwork for the vehicle. Fish claimed that his brother let him borrow the truck and he had just brought his girlfriend home. He said that he lives in Phoenix.

Dispatch informed the officer that the vehicle was stolen. The officer held Fish at gunpoint until other officers arrived. Fish was placed under arrest and handcuffed. A search of the vehicle produced various bags of clothing and drug paraphernalia.

Police went to the house to talk with Keisha Cisneros, who identified herself as Fish’s wife. According to the police report, she appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicant and was not very cooperative. She was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant.

Fish was booked into the Graham County Jail for Unlawful Use of Means of Transportation.