Safford Middle School wrestling results for 2017-2018

Safford Middle School wrestler, Kaleb Cordova

The Safford Middle School wrestling team had phenomenal season and, according to their coach, Philip Ornelas, achieved a lot of their academic and wrestling goals. But the best is yet to come. Coach Ornelas says they’re going to jump right into club wrestling and compete at the state and national level.

Here are the team results of the 2017 -2018 season:

  • Placed 2nd at Tempe state with 55 total teams
  • Placed 4th at Tucson State with 70 total teams
  • Benson Champs – 20 teams

Individual results:

Kaleb Cordova (pictured above) is State champ at Tucson State and Tempe state. 35-0 as a 6th grader! Won outstanding wrestler award at Benson invitational and BOTH state tournaments.

State Placers:

Fernando Gonzales 2nd place (Tucson) and 3rd at Tempe @167 lbs.

Tanner Ledford 5th @ Tempe State @200lbs

Karson Zimmerman 5th @ Tempe State and 6th @ Tucson State @142lbs

Jainacio Rios 6th @ Tempe @104lbs

Nathaniel Maldanado 5th @ Tucson State

From left Top Row: Assistant Coach Bernie Romero, Head Coach Philip Ornelas, Dom Johnson, Karson Zimmerman, Jayden Arbizo, Fernando Gonzales, Nathaniel Maldonado, Volunteer Coach Mike Cordova.
Middle Row: Andrew Bermudez, Marcos Guillen, Braxton Young, Zach Smith, Armando Carrillo, Wyatt Stahl, Kaleb Cordova.
Bottom Row: Gabriel Enriquez, Adryon Castillo, Janacio Rios, Ray Granados, Bernie Carrillo, Cody Gluyas