Safford High School outlines plans for continuing classes

The following is a letter sent by Safford High School Principal Torey Leitzke to students and parents about school resuming next week.

Good afternoon students and families of SHS.  I appreciate all your patience as we begin embarking on some very unchartered waters.  I would like to do my best to help answer as many questions as I can about how SHS is moving forward with our students’ learning during the time we are mandated to stay at home. 

Please know that when we all took on the role of educator, we were not trained on how to teach remotely during a pandemic.  We are trying.  Your patience and understanding is needed.  I am positive that we will face some hurdles — this is where we need your help in keeping a positive mindset, a sense of humor, and a massive amount of flexibility.  

  1. This week, March 23 – March 27, is a continuum of Spring Break and there will be no school work expected.
  2. E-learning will begin on Monday, March 30, 2020. Teachers will begin reaching out via email and/or Google Classroom.  Students, please check your emails/Google Classroom often starting Monday.  If you do not hear from your teacher(s), it is imperative that you let me know — we are hoping technological glitches are kept to a minimum.  
  3. State Testing – AzM2 and AIMS Science has been canceled for this year.  ACT (juniors) has “been postponed for an undetermined time.”  I cannot venture to guess on whether or not the ACT will be offered to our students at this time.  
  4. Students with an IEP will be hearing from their case manager to prepare a plan on how to accommodate and meet their academic needs.   
  5. If you do not have access to technology during this time, we are working on other solutions for you. 

There are several things listed on our District website under the Technology page that will help you learn how to utilize the online learning opportunities.

I will have more information for you as time moves forward and we learn more.  Thank you so much for your time and understanding.

Mrs. Torey Leitzke