Pima Jr. High Goes into Lockdown following gun threat

- Mathew Photo/WallPaperCave

At approximately 1:00 pm this afternoon, students at Pima Jr. High School were placed in lockdown after a student allegedly threatened another with gun violence. Officers from Pima, Thatcher, Safford police departments along with the Graham County Sheriff’s office and Arizona Department of Public Safety responded. The initial report was that a student mentioned a gun during a conversation with school staff. The circumstances of that conversation and mention of the gun are still under investigation by the Pima police Department.

During the initial response by law enforcement Pima School was already following their protocol being in lockdown made it possible to quickly identify the subjects and witnesses being involved. It was discovered the mentioned firearm was never on school grounds or an actual threat to the school staff or students. 

Officers from different agencies completed a search of the Pima school campus including elementary and no further incidents or evidence was discovered. Precautionary measures were in effect while the safety sweep and investigation continued.

At approximately 1:50 PM the Pima School staff was informed by the Pima Police department they could resume normal operations. Officers from the various agencies remained on scene and assisted in maintaining security while the school released students to their parents or the bus program.

A press release from the Pima Police Department said, “I would like to thank our neighboring agencies for their support and rapid response to assist us. As a small community we realize the students’ parents want information about their child’s safety as soon as possible. The Pima Police Department is committed to fully investigating each threat and that can take time in some cases. When probable cause exists, appropriate enforcement action will be taken.

“We continue to encourage students, parents, and school staff to immediately report any information that poses a threat to the safety of others.”