Peterson named a FTF regional champion

SAFFORD — Graham County Superior Court Judge Michael Peterson has recently been named a First Things First regional champion for 2020.

First Things First, which focuses on early childhood development, named Peterson for his effort to share positive resource guides with families in his courtroom, as well as distributing books to pre-school youths and encouraging family reading time.

“The good majority of a person’s life trajectory is set within the first few years of their life,” Peterson said in the announcement. “If a child is loved, nurtured and cared for when he or she is young, the likelihood of a well-adjusted adolescence and adulthood is much greater. If a child has a true sense of his or her infinite potential, there is no limit on what that child can accomplish throughout their life.”

Also named a regional champion is Trena Antonio of the San Carlos Apache Tribe.

Antonio, a third-grade teacher and minister at Freedom Holiness Church in Sa Carlos, is a volunteer at the annual Spring into Health STEM event and shares early childhood information with families. She also shares age-appropriate books with parents of babies, toddlers and preschoolers at her church and shows them how to read with their young children, imparting the importance of early literacy.

“Early childhood development and health is important because it teaches a child to be independent in any and all typical tasks during their development and it will give a child a bright healthy future,” Antonio said.