Perfect Scents by Gwen Lines: a Splash of Home

In our Gila Valley, women work hard. They sometimes struggle to get by, they accept what they want and what they dislike. However, there is always the sense that as women, we want to support each other as we live and work. That’s why, when my friends and I spotted the Perfect Scents natural handcrafted aromatherapy products tucked neatly in a row at Lees Rite Way, we had to take pause. Gwen Lines creates these scents and body salts to order from the nearby town of York. “After becoming ill, I tried a variety of homeopathic and holistic products, searching for a cure.  I didn’t find one, but I became interested in the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy,” Lines stated, “Many of these beneficial oils do not have a particularly pleasant odor, so I wondered how they could be used in creations that smelled good.  I have always loved perfumes and great smelling soaps and lotions, so I decided to study natural perfumery.”

Placed neatly in its basket, little body mists bottles with burlap tied around their necks sat pleasantly. After picking them up and examining them, my group of girlfriends liked them immediately. However, if it wasn’t the cute burlap that drew in the attention of the onlooker, it was the names of the scents. Gifted with imaginative names like, “Denim and Daises,” and “Ropin’ the Wind,” these scents had the country feel of who we are as local women. It smelled like home, and the names were wonderful in the fact that they embraced that identity. “While studying natural perfumery, it became apparent that packaging and product branding is a very important part of marketing a handcrafted product,” Lines said, “We live in the country and love it!  So, I tried to create fragrance names and packaging around country life.”  Kudos for this, Gwen, you’ve figured out the magical recipe. In a world where big cities are fashionable and mediocrity comes at the price of $19.99 at the local Walmart, your products are just what the doctor ordered.

Gwen’s line of aromatherapy products range from botanical bath washes to makeup. “I select the essential oils I use based on aromatic properties, therefore I combine various brands of essential oils as well as some other plant extractions and aromatic oils,” Lines said, “The thing I enjoy most is mixing the combinations of oils to create something that is not only great smelling, but good for your skin and helps promote holistic health.”

Perfect Scents by Gwen are available through Lees Rite Way in Thatcher. She also has a shop on Etsy called PerfectScentsbyGwen.

Gwen Lines can be reached at: 928-687-1743