Open casting call for the next movie in the Gila Valley, ‘Henchmen’

THATCHER — Joseph Carpenter and Jacob Lauritzen with Carpe and Zen Productions are doing something different with their next feature-length movie filmed in the Gila Valley.

Actually . . . a lot different.

“We’re making it for no money, we’re going to be doing whatever we can to get it done, and we wanted to keep it as local as possible,” Carpenter said.

To that end, Carpe and Zen Productions put out an open casting call for anyone in the Gila Valley who would like to audition to be an actor in the film, “Henchmen,” an improvisational comedy about two best friends who are in Arizona to hide from the cartels. Parts include a cartel boss, human smugglers, a money launderer, a document forger and the owners of a bed-and-breakfast among others.

 The production is also looking for those who would like work behind the camera, and Carpenter and Lauritzen are willing to train on the job.

“I want to have crew ready, here in the Gila Valley, to be able to make features. Or to hire them out to large features that come in and say, ‘We want to get some B-roll for a couple of days,” Carpenter said. “Come on down and let us help you learn that stuff.”

Businesses can also participate by being available for location shooting or sponsorships.

“We hope to shoot the movie throughout the fall of 2022, predominantly on weekends, sometimes at night, sometimes maybe like Saturdays,” Lauritzen said when announcing the film on YouTube, adding the goal is to have the film ready to debut at the second annual Gila Valley Film Festival in Spring 2023.

Carpenter added that the making of the “Henchmen” film will also be filmed for a documentary.

Carpe and Zen Productions’ first film, “Ace of Hearts,” debuted in 2021, and can be purchased at Amazon or Best Buy, or streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

To learn more, to schedule an audition or to request a crew position, go to Carpe and Zen.